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Posted by : Prahaas Oldman Saturday, 16 February 2013

It's always the same, a silent cold night, torn apart at regular intervals by the wailing sirens of the cop cars. For a moment there, you feel really unsafe, then again and as usual, the silence and the calmness of the night blends with you. You stare ahead, darkness stares back and you lower your gaze, to better look within you, cos you feel that the gaze of the darkness is quite cruel. Then the clock ticks backward, rewinding time, providing you with your own footage making you realize what a jerk you had been. If it had been daytime, you would had definitely kicked your conscience aside, but in the dark, we have the tendency to see more clearly within us. The stone heart turns to jelly, your wrongs pile up high against your rights and surprisingly, you willingly accept them, you feel guilty, you get.... interrupted by the screeching sirens of the cop cars. You realize that you too are being chased, you too are guilty, though not as guilty as them. You close your eyes, you are the convict and you are the jury. You plead guilty. Your eyes open in the morning. The sun light that pours through the window, has a lot more to offer.. a lot more,than you think.

The night rules again. My ears hope to hear the wailing sirens of the cop cars. Again. They face disappointment. No cop cars today, no sirens today, no sense of security today. The absence of the sirens tonight could only mean two things in this country, that either the convicts have escape or either the cops have lost them. There's no third take on it. But the night's silence never remains at peace. Either the dogs howl, either the sirens wail or either some bastard comes drunk in the area. He creates a scene on the road in midst of the night. The guards pull him and throw him out of the locality. They did their job well. But what were they doing when the guy entered the locality? well....
Like Taxi Driver's Robert De Niro pointed out that all the scum comes out on the road at night. I believe him. He also added that he wished that someday a rain will come and wipe this scum of the earth's face. I second him. Then I chuckle.
With the rate at which Global Warming is going up, you cant be too sure of the arrival of natural rain, how the hell will the scum wiping rain arrive?

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