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Posted by : Prahaas Oldman Saturday, 16 February 2013


I think it will feel good,
if somebody wipes your tears,
and promises you,
that from now onwards,
all that will rain,
will be rain.


If you ever bleed,
as I have bled,
and you look around yourself,
not even a droplet of tear shed,
you come to realize,
floods of foes have drowned your friends,
or as you are being crucified,
those dogs have fled.
So just hold on tight,
just pick up a fight,
all that will be defeated is death,
when you shall arise,
to revenge, you must abide,
a revenge that makes,
even traitors bleed in their breath.


As those who called themselves holy,
left that forbidden land,
left it in complete darkness,
as in the hour glass,
down falls the sand.
As those who called themselves holy.
left that land,
leaving the living in melancholy,
down falls the sand.


Unworthy enough to compare it to sand,
haunted by guilt and terrified by her past,
she tries to save it, holding it, in her hand;
her fist clench tightly, shielding the precious within,
as her own conscience is crucified by lies and lust,
a soul so pure is breaking down, dissolving in her sins,
she struggles at the moment, to do what she must,
yet life's has cheated on her, it's in love with gravity,
thou hurt life, life will hurt thee,
that's life's insanity;
yet she tries to save it, holding it, in her hand,
but life escapes, as it always does, from within her grasp.

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