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Posted by : Prahaas Oldman Saturday, 16 February 2013

chapter 1

They say that the earth is round.
The truth is, that the planet mentioned is oval in shape.
The former line, describes an assumption - A very 'closer to the truth' assumption, but not really the truth. Predicted, with a limited means, and a very little experiments, this assumption rests on the shoulders of one's visualization. Some handicapped fool still makes such assumption, wannabe scientists love reading his works. Probably, reading all that stuff, provides hope to their hopeless minds. I really did threw an insult over there. I don't have any personal enmity with such people, it's just that, my views are more leaned towards facts- proven facts - 'the real truth'. It's at this point, we bring the latter into the view. The oval shape, the unbiased, technically proven truth. All abide by it because it's what our eyes see, it's not just another mere visualization of our mind.
A person will really be an Unusual Moron not to believe the facts streaming in his/her views.

chapter 2

The sharp as a butcher's knife truth is that you don't resemble a human being. You look like a cross - a hybrid of a human and a any ugly animal. Pick any, the choice is yours, Santa got a bit late in granting your wish. Coming back to the point, let me just summarize my statement- You are quite ugly. It's not your fault. It's the fault of some biological component. To make my point, a bit more clear, let us give you a sex. Congratulations! You are a female. Now, acting according to the truth, you are the most worst looking female in town. Guys like Freddy Kruger and Lord Voldemort vanish into thin air at even a short glimpse of yours. It's quite funny. Just imagine them doing so. You, on the other hand, have taken the saying, 'All God's creature are beautiful', a bit too heavily. You are a creature, no doubt in that, but I don't see any beauty lurking miles around you. If it were possible, I did stick your photograph beside the word ugly in the dictionary. If it was possible, I would also super impose this action on others to follow. Rest is their choice, because I won't force them to obey me, I am not a dictator. But your ugliness definitely is! After all of this splendid praise, you do have an arrogant air of your own. You try to be someone you are not. You don't realize what you are doing, you always think that it's perfectly normal. But of course, it isn't. Standing in front of the mirror, you think that what don't I have, that others have? Well, in a way, yes, you do have two eyes, a nose and lips. But are they positioned correctly? If I were you, I did definitely double check that. 'With great power comes great responsibility' ..and I must conclude that, with great ugliness, comes a great tendency to lie. Why lie? Just to hide the sharp truth. You start lying in the neighborhood, about how a bunch of handsome guys proposed you and you bluntly rejected their proposals. I mean seriously? Even if a human type normal guy comes to ask you out, you turn him down, just to point out that you can really do better than that. Sadly, you can't do better than a male pig. You know that. People around you know that. They laugh at you behind your back, calling you names. But we can't blame them, can we? They are not laughing at you about how you look.. Doctors and nurses fulfilled that formality. They are laughing at you because you are a liar, a freak, you are trying hard to be someone you are not! You are really trying hard to be an Unusual Moron. Don't try, you are one already.

chapter 3

Don't drink the coffee when it's too hot to drink. You will get your tongue burnt. It's like a stinging pain and your entire coffee won't be as fun as it was supposed to be. Now it's time to allot you a sex. Congratulations! You are a male.
You are a good looking guy, every girl's eye candy. You impress them in a jiffy, and they get impressed in a jiffy, because may be you are a good looking male. Life's a party. Your brain's a hell. Satan is a party crasher. Though, you are living in the present, your mindset is that of an oldman residing in the year 1876. Don't question my accuracy, question that fucking mindset!  Behind your charming personality, resides a dominating creature. Calling you a human being will be like an abuse to the race. What are you? You are a circus master, you want your partner to obey you like a well trained animal. That's a contradiction. Because who would obey a wild animal like you? You have those typical orthodoxy believes, believes of which, if girls come to know, you did be beaten blue and black. And one day, you will be. Until then, you hide behind a very decently painted mask. You have a habit of chasing skirts, but on the inside you don't like her wearing that. Who are you to decide that? Ofcourse, I forgot, you are the bastard we are discussing here. When it comes to making a girlfriend, you choose the hottest chick around. She loves you, you love her back. A little time flows smoothly by. Then, you start showing your real colors. You start criticizing her for everything she does. She tries to endure the criticism, because girls are strong, but why would she endure your crap any further. She calls off the relationship. You go around, kicked on your ass, telling everyone that she was characterless and that she had a series of boyfriends. My dear, bastard, i tend to ask you this that who in this damn world gave you the fucking right to determine anyone's character. If you have a series of girlfriends, then you are declared a casanova and in case of a girl, she is characterless. Let me tell you something, the girl's fine, her character's fine and she is an amazing human being, but you are no casanova! Hell no! You are hereby declared to be an Unusual Moron.

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