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Posted by : Prahaas Oldman Monday, 22 July 2013

You shall fall, you shall rise, but the strength to accomplish the task - that very strength- who shall provide? The existence of some kind of force, always does, answering the question, strangling the life out of one's sarcastic words. For there in the attic, always came two doves, they sat there for moments, like a married couple, examining the prospects of making it their home. Far away sat someone, such as you, at a distance quite safe, observing them, for you were always an observer - you spoke less, absorbed more, as if the events taking place in the environment around you, were a source of energy. You were intrigued, by the behavior of these birds - this couple, in every sense, seemed to be deeply in love, in a very humane manner. Can they really possess those feelings that have now run into extinction, you would wonder. Days went by, neither did the doves put a break on their regular visit to the attic, nor did you give up your worldly weird habit of observing them. If they didn't stop, if you didn't stop, why shall time? So being a competitive racer, time rushed past you, dissolving you amidst the solution of montages - the father dove brought twigs, helped the mother dove to assemble them in the right manner, completing the house of theirs - that we call a nest in our irritatingly superior tone, and then converting it into a home by blessing it with the most beautiful form of life - a third of their kind. And suddenly, everything snaps back to normal again and you realize that there are new residents in the attic. If the events before - intrigued you, then the events that followed, tended to mesmerize you, in a way - inspire you. When the mother dove took care of the yet to be born, the father dove brought food, many times a day, displaying every aspect of that lost emotion called love, every aspect - from care to responsibility. He even guarded the nest, regularly, every morning while the mother dove was outside. And you observed and you absorbed. You knew that there was something to learn and apply that acquired knowledge to your life. You knew that when you would love, how would you love. And while such thoughts swarmed within your mind, you did fail to realize that, that particular day, the father dove didn't come back to the attic with any kind of food. Morning passed, afternoon flew away, evening fell above you and soon darkness draped the sky. But he just didn't return. The next day, the mother dove took the charge of all the responsibilities and accomplished all the chores with what seemed like perfection. But did she cry all day long? You wondered. And one day, the egg hatched and the third member arrived. Your initial response of happiness was thwarted by the truth that provoked you to realize the loss of the second one. May be it reminds her of his father- you try to give yourself a false sense of consolation. It does work on many levels. But not on those levels of cruelty displayed by fate, when one day, in the absence of the mother, the baby dove falls from quite a height, and though you place it back in the nest, by keeping all the necessary precautions in your mind, you have this uneasy feeling down your gut that something isn't right, gloom lingers all around you and at the end of the day, it gets blended with a dawning realization, that what ever the reason might be, the mother dove wasn't returning either. For many days to come, you nurse the child and it grows up to be a havoc, having these constant urges to running out and fly. But you notice, that the fall had made him cripple, an impact that will linger by its side, through out it's life. Yet, it showed every enthusiasm to fly. So you decide to take your chances, and out in the open, place it. An failed attempt or two, after such embarrassing falls, it takes off. You expect it to come crashing down, all prepared to catch, but the vision of it, disappears like a minuscule dot, in the sky above. Leaving an empty nest behind, which is now no longer a home, perhaps just a mere house, the cripple had flown to discover new worlds beyond. As of yet, it's life has all been about challenging fate. It, itself was a perfect definition of love. It was a personification of fairy tale love, it's crippled state added to the reality that existed in the emotion. Love too is crippled. You fall to the ground, only to rise and you rise, if you have the guidance of the force of determination.

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