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The Anatomy Of An Affair

By : Prahaas Oldman
Divert your path from the land of shadows, proceed towards where sunshine resides, where a plant grows, water it from the valley of tears nearby, don't thrive on the fruit it bears, give them to the ones who need it the most, let it grow, just let it grow. Sit beside it, staring into infinity, from where the light arrives, the origin is a beauty, she's young, her skin glows, her hairs reflect the rays that bathe you, adore it, don't reach for it, for one day the plant shall bloom into a tree and the sunshine shall disappear, the origin shall cease to exist, the beauty shall steer away, far beyond your reach and while in the darkness you shall mourn, your voice shall sing, what you grew up with utmost care shall now become your grave, but the beauty won't show up, console yourself, may be she has lost her way.

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