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Posted by : Prahaas Oldman Monday, 2 December 2013

One day my friend came to my place and abruptly announced that we should make a movie, and we should make a movie in the fastest manner possible, in order to test our speeds and creativity while working in an environment that is burdened with the pressure of achieving the maximum out of minimum.
He told me of a concept, a very simple concept, that I ended by naming up 'Smoron'.

Screen captures from the trial footage of 'Smoron'

The concept of Smoron, revolved around a cigarette addict, who doesn't think beyond lighting a cigarette. So, one day this guy wakes up, mistakes his pen for a cigarette, realizes, grabs his cigarette and lighter from the table, again to realize that his lighter is not lighting up. So this moron goes into the kitchen, and instead of lighting his cigarette from the matchstick available, he first lights the lighter from the matchstick, then with the lighter, he proceeds ahead to light the cigarette. He then comes back, lies down, finishes his cigarette and then pulls up his white bed sheet, ending up drowning in slumber once again.

Now there are two aspects to Smoron, a minor aspect and then a major aspect. The minor aspect is that this moron proves his stupidity in the lighter-matchstick-cigarette sequence. On the other hand, the major aspect is that, his habit of chain smoking is actually leading him to a phase where he would end up with a white cloth wrapped around him. Hence 'Smoron'.

Editing 'Smoron'

We finished shooting the clips of Smoron in approximately twenty minutes. The left over time was dedicated to the process of editing the footage, which went just fine. Smoron is a silent footage, no voice overs, no dialogues, just a instrumental score playing in the background. In the very end, I converted Smoron in my favorite black and white tones, successfully obtaining a dreamy tone out of it.

And I was quite happy, for I again learnt a lesson.

Lesson learnt: One always improves a bit with every step taken.


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