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Posted by : Prahaas Oldman Monday, 2 December 2013

Everything went wrong with the first trial footage that I shot in the month of November last year. The notion of shooting the trial footage was not to make a short film but rather to provide oneself with the basic skills required in film production. This was the sole reason why I didn't waste my scripts on it, and decided to imagine and shoot the dilemma induced end of a person who is too depressed of his life and is therefore bent upon committing the act of suicide.

Screen captures from the trial footage of 'The Message'

I and my friend, who was acting in the footage, met up one morning and started shooting with a Sony Semi-DSLR, creating the story line up as we shot scene after scene, trying to take minimum number of re-takes so that we don't consume much time, thereby finishing the shoot the very same day. And we ended up doing the same too, yet we made a mistake when we stood by the decision of recording my friend's voice for the narrative, some other day.

But as fate serves us - bloody, my friend had to leave the city to go attend his college and I was left with the footage that had yet not been post-processed.

After waiting for quite some time, I couldn't wait for any longer, and decided to provide the voice over myself. After recording the voice over, I put the footage through the process of editing, that, somehow, went quite well. I inserted by voice in the footage and 'ignored a fact'. Proceeding ahead, I converted the final footage in black and white, softening it down, but not up to the desired result.

Yet I finished it.

I published it on You Tube. Got 'booed'.

Most probably because, earlier I 'ignored a fact'.

And that ignored fact was that my voice is so feminine, that in a footage featuring a male protagonist, I had inserted a self-narrative, that seemed of like a woman.

Got a laugh out of the people who saw it.

Lesson learnt: Don't Hurry.


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